Sunday, June 3, 2012

Embracing the Drama: The Corona Trial

Manila Philippines- The scenes that  unfolded before the  eyes of the  Filipino People and the world was spawned in an unlikely back drop amid - the Senate Impeachment Court  that lingered in a kaleidoscope of emotions during a trial in  a Nation where  Untouchables are rarely brought down to "earth" and finally slapped with reality or so will all thought.   

The Villains played by the Defense and the heroes played by Persecution were all kept in  compromising situations while on the podium battling with their oral arguments.

Law students kept an eye on Four  familiar Senators from the movie Industry;  Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr.; Senator Jinggoy Estrada, Tito Sotto, Senator Lito Lapid and waiting  for Leon Guerrero and Panday to commit a mistake (in their oral arguments)  they also  anticipated "the show of Brilliance"  from our  "Law geniuses" - Senator Joker Arroyo; Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the Senator who pleaded for God "to strike her dead" Miriam  Defensor- Santiago.

Television, radio, print and Online Journalism covering  every "nook and corner" of  the Impeachment trial and relaying the Impeachment Events in real time may even be  amused with the blunders committed in the Impeachment court.

At the end of the Day; the Gentleman from Pampanga grabbed the spot light unknowingly while speaking from the Heart in the Native tongue and telling the "Law Geniuses" to their faces:

"Nagpiprisinta po ako dito hindi bilang abugasya. Hindi po ako pwedeng magsalita ng Republic Act dahil hindi maniniwala ang tao sakin. Hindi po ako nagmamarunong dito. Ang ginagamit ko lang po ay konsensya. Representate ako ng masa na hindi nakapag-aral, hindi marunong mag-inggles, walang alam sa batas," the Humble Senator remarked in what  I would call  "the speech of    the decade."

Suffice it to say--after the Impeachment Court drama and several flaws by the persecution team  (acquiring evidences in a rather "mafiotic" way) the only  vindication is the verdict.

The  Senate  Impeachment Court has Perfected their Love for Country, their  Love for the Filipino People and their Love for Democracy.

Photo by: Rock Drillon 


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