Friday, April 23, 2010

Writing & Introduction to Literature for Beginners (part one)

Literature is the expression of one’s excellent thoughts, feelings, emotions filled with truth and beauty, for in truth lies actuality and reality and-- in beauty the delights of the senses that exalts the mind and gives aesthetic pleasure.

Main Divisions of Literature:
Prose—called the language of the mind it is written in paragraphs and sentences that can be done in two types of genre; fiction and non-fiction
Poetry--- called the language of the heart it is written in verses composing stanzas.

Branches of Poetry:

Lyric poetry—written in song like expression of the poet’s thoughts, feelings, emotions that has direct and primary object---the expression of personal emotion or emotional conceptions of the Author. The kinds of Lyric poetry are: Song—a literary work direct, short and simple adapted to be sung example of this type of work is “Song to Celia” by John Donne. ---Ode--a poem written to be sung often written in exalted style but it is longer than a song usually addressed to some praised object or person, such as the work written by John Keats called “Ode to a Nightingale.” Elegy (also known as eulogy) —a mournful poem that expresses sorrow for the departed loved one and an expression of deep melancholy like “Alim” a literary master peace that almost vanished in antiquity; a literary treasure of the Northern Cordilleras in the Philippines. Sonnet—a 14 line composition written with a definite rhyme scene in iambic pentameter that has a resolution-- embodies the statement of a single theme as Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30. Dramatic Lyric—a lyric poem-- in which an imagined character is the speaker rather than the poet.

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