Sunday, April 25, 2010

Restoration of Antiques and Paintings

Amorsolo, 1892-1972Fernando AmorsoloThe shipworms of the Philippine islands, (Smithsonain institution. United States National museum. Bulletin 100)If you have Antiques and paintings that was slightly damaged in storage or by accident, examine the extent of the damage; secure it and put the item in a safe place specially if the Painting or Antique is a part of a significant collection. Minor or Major damages should be brought immediately to the National or State Museum that conducts restoration on damaged Art work, antiques and artifacts, In the Philippines, one can proceed to the National Museum and look for the Arts Department let the National Museum Curator help you regarding a damaged art work. They have a "restoration Department" at the said agency for a minimal amount. If you are a collector and you want to Authenticate a painting, Antique, or Artifact; collectors will be reffered to the Authentication Department of the Museum---more significantly if the paintings are works of the Masters and National Artists. the Painting itself and the signature (of the Artists)can be examined if authentic before you buy them from Art Dealers.

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