Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remembering Hollywood Stars in the 80's with MJ's Liberian Girl

The Video Liberian Girl was Shot by Michael Jackson Himself and caught Hollywood stars behind the Cameras headed by: Steven Spielberg, Paula Abdul, Whoopi Goldberg, Lou Diamond Philipps, Dan Akroyd, Debbie Gibson,Weird Al Yankovic, Beverly Johnson, John Travolta, Olivia Newton John, Gloria Stefan and his pet chimpanzee Bubbles among Others. One of the producers Larry Stessel & Jackson came out with the idea that turned out to be the first reality video in the 80's. The Hollywood stars were called for an audition for a motion Picture that will star MJ (well supposedly). Mj of course was already shooting the way things were when the "co-stars" were waiting for the auditions to start with "Liberian Girl" playing in the back ground. When Michael Jackson was asked why in the world of Hollywood did He do that? and his answer was: "I want the world to know that Hollywood stars are people too, behind the cameras, we play,laugh make mistakes & we are made to wait during auditions." This was at time When Jackson was already starting to protest against Hollywood movie reporters.The video was also lovingly dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor who was Jackson's lifetime friend. Taylor was also one of Hollywood's biggest icon and was hounded by Hollywood media just as bad as Jackson was. "Liberian Girl" was one of the less popular songs of Michael Jackson but was on the top 10 rating at that time and "Liberian Girl became a favorite after Michael Jackson passed away last year.

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