Sunday, April 25, 2010

Politicians or Public servants? From a Citizen's point of view

The Philippine Elections is just around the corner and it gets noisy when campaign wagons are roaming around the city with super mega phones exalting each name of the Candidates and startle you with campaign jingles that will wake anyone up from an afternoon siesta. I went out to get a drink and overheard the gossips debating about celebrities turned public servants and Politicians not being a real public servants, supposedly. They debated over the promises of Politicians; when they are on the campaign trail and once elected will the promises materialize? These ordinary citizens talked about Politicians endearing attitude during elections, some of them are even employed by the candidates--but one thing is sure they know what is going on. The "packaging" that PR companies do in grooming the Candidates, surprised I volunteered to ask "paano niyo po alam iyon?" the lady answered naku
"Maam sa tv po, napanood ko po, na malaki po ang binabayad nila sa mga PR firms, para sa kanilang imahe,di ba Maam?" When I did not reply she jokingly said "Aminin"! I just walked back to the house; relieved that finally the masses are educated (through experience) about the reality of Politics in this country. Listening to that "debate" I over heard them saying, "ang mga Politico nandiyan lang pag election, ang public servant nandyian araw-araw sa mga government agency nagtratrabaho para sa atin" may election man o wala, sa mga kandidatong iyan isa o dalawa lang ang tunay na public servant Diyan!" I realized that they were educated not theoretically but by their experiences and the poverty that ordinary citizens live by everytday in the system of governance that this country tolerates.

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