Thursday, April 22, 2010

Humanity (Performed by RocK Legend the Scorpions) is a Song about the environment-- as aVictim of Greed

The Song depicts the deterioration of the Environment and the world because of Human inflicted sources--Greed for Power,Money, technology---- that is destroying the balance of the Natural movement of Life in our Planet the way it was created by God. Human Inventions such as Nuclear weapons will be a Major contributor to the distruction of the World and the Human race. A part of of the lyrics that hit me over and over is--- 'in your eyes you're staring at the end of time". Illegal cutting of trees in the different rain forests of the world is second major contributor to the distruction of Natural resources and someday soon the scarcity of food, energy, and clean water. So, Let us not say good bye to Mother earth, It was Lovingly created by God--that WE may be in-charge of His creation, it was A responsibility to and for us---and not to abuse and destroy it.

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