Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to store Cosmetics and Skin care products and when to Discard them

Storing cosmetic products such as, make-up foundations, face powders, blush ons, lipststick and eye shadows & skin care products can be tricky & is often neglected specially if you're on the fast lane. Take time to check your dresser if your cosmetics and skin care products is due for expiration. Discard every thing that has already expired usually a month after the listed expiration date. To store cosmetics clean the top portions of powdered based make-up or face powders with baby oil. Keep products tightly sealed until your next use ( face powder, blush ons & lipsticks). Keep skin care products in a cool dry place and again-- keep them tightly closed. Skin care and cosmetic products are safe to use and can be stored for up to two years from the date of manufacture. Keep an eye on best buys & non toxic cosmetics when its time to discard old cosmetics that has been in your dresser for three years & maintain a fixed budget for your cosmetic supplies (that can actually last for two months ), wellnes & beauty care need not be expensive & fuzzy.

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