Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to create a Salon and Spa at home with out breaking the Bank

Going to Salons and Spa clinics cost a lot of money. You can create a space for a spa & salon in your own home. First find a space close to your bed room or closet where you can move your dresser but make sure you have a lot of elbow room. 2) buy cosmetic products/anti aging/cosmetics in a reputable Dept. store, products... that will  be enough to fit your dresser. 3) Make sure to check out the expiry of the product if on sale. 3) fix it the way you see it at your favorite Salon, get the right spot light that you need so you can put cosmetic products on you face accurately.How to create a Spa  at home:The Equipments and accessories you will need: Plastic Fiber tub easy to use/clean and store. 2) Scented candles, bath oil, massaging oil, bath salt,loofah,Apricot body scrubs,foaming cleanser,toning facial lotion,facial mask, dermabrasion cream and moisturizing lotion. You can  also use supplies from you kitchen, like: tomato for toning your face, ice cubes as pore minimizer, white refined sugar to exfolliate and lemon rind to remove dead skin cells olive is also a good substitute for oil massage. Fix your Salon and Spa  with a personal touch but get ideas from DIY magazines as well. You can easily relax and dis-stress after work specially for those work at home people .  

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