Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giving Children Spa and Massage treatments once a week can help reduce child Stress

Preventing child Stress is a tasking job to do everyday, for Parents and grown ups who are left at home--to care for  children under the age of  ten. T he  problems of managing the child's tantrums---a symptom of child stress will be manageable, if Parents and grown ups will take the time to give  the child a massage or spa treatment once a week --- at the least.   You can use the baby products that your child is already using  and add other spa products such as : Baby bath salt, bath oil & baby foot spa. These products should not hurt you current budget for your children's needs. Find good buys and non-toxic products in reputable departments stores. Use baby oil or baby powder for massaging the child. The touch therapy during a massage will make the child feel assured and cared for no matter what caused his/her stress. The massage will strengthen the bones of younger babies as well.  The child will sleep well after every spa and massage treatment  and you can return to you daily work at home or do your work at jobs with lesser worries. Relaxed and emotionally balanced children/toddlers are easy to feed when food is served at breakfast/lunch or dinner Children's spa.jpgalso they will be less mischievous if given the proper attention.

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