Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creating and Promoting Community Based Art Seminars

Promoting Artistic seminars is a great community activity. Get assistance from a local Art group and get help and man power from small cafes and restaurants around your area. Take note of their arts and crafts, culture of a certain region and adopt it as an... inspiration either in mixed media, water color or even recycable materials. Promote the culture and Art of other countries as well-- such as the Maori wood carving of New Zealand in invitational seminars that can be held in a cafe just around the block be innovative make sure the materials used will not harm the environment. Installing and promoting Art exhibits in your community is feasible. Although a bit tasking,coordinate with a local group in your community and get help from the contituents in the area and get every one involved. Work it out with small cafes and... restaurants---the Artist(s)in Baguio City, the Philippine Summer Capital also known as an Artists Haven in the country do this a lot. The artists would experiment on different dichotomies in the Arts and literature and often times come out with a great Art exhibit, poetry reading and dances in one show---often done during the opening or in between cocktails and Native Booze.

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