Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Choosing the Right and Legitimate Charity Organization through Tele- Marketing

If you are wanting to donate to a certain charity take note of these important things:

Check out If the charity is registered at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and if the charity organization has an IR no. Specially those calling off shore. The Charity may be registered in the Country where they are dialing from but the organization may not be registered in the U.S.( as in the case of the charity that I worked for, they have been applying for a BBB registration for 10 years now but never passed the BBB criteria and donors are complaining that their donations are not sent or donations are chopped off by 30% when the return receipts get back to them.) Inquire how much goes to the recipients usually 97% of donations goes directly to the needy the rest goes to the Charity's logistics.
Do not answer the phone if: the charity paid volunteer rings you up past 8pm, the volunteer maybe calling off shore and is not following the telemarketing laws--most often than not these calls come from micro-call centers off shore.
Do not bother answering the phone if it is a blocked number, again the volunteer is calling from an off-shore micro-call center.
Do not donate again if your return reciept did not indicate the exact amount that you donated, except if your donation is tax deductable, usually just a few cents is deducted from the amount .
Choose reputable charities and non-profit organizations like UNICEF,RED CROSS or the Salvation Army and any other legitimate charity close to your area--do not rely or trust every thing you read on their websites, most non-legitimate charity websites are decieving.
You can still donate to a Charity in another state provided that you are certain the charity is legitimate.

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